Hornady® SST®-ML™ High-Speed Low™-Drag Sabots With Flex Tip® Technology




Hornady® SST®-ML™ High-Speed Low™-Drag Sabots with Flex Tip® Technology

Hornady’s Low Drag Sabot turns the ultra-accurate SST-ML into the easiest-loading, hardest-hitting and most-accurate muzzleloader bullet on the planet. New polymer technology in combination with cutting-edge CNC design deliver an easy-loading muzzleloader bullet that is accurate. In the past, easy-load muzzleloader bullets have delivered questionable accuracy. This is due to the fact that they must be manufactured smaller than the bore to allow for easy loading. Being too small for the bore means that the rifling doesn’t always get the bullet spinning properly, and accuracy suffers. Hornady’s new Low Drag sabot changes all that. The new sabot reduces loading effort by a whopping 50% and does not sacrifice any of the accuracy that has made the SST-ML bullet famous. Per 20.


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